The word Ayurvedic derives from the Sanskrit word “Ayurveda”, which means “knowledge of life.” Ayurvedic medicine is considered as the world’s oldest traditional medicinal system which owes its heritage to the Indian subcontinent though it was widely practiced elsewhere as an alternative of medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is fully holistic and its adherents seek to achieve harmony between mind, body, and spirit to help contribute to a healthy and balanced life.



We have a range of products that have been specially and responsibly formulated to help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss; our products are suitable for daily use to maintain healthy hair and offer your hair and scalp the essential nutrients it needs to achieve this.

Our products are enriched with spring water from the rivers of the Himalayas only ever using natural ingredients; we are proud to follow a strong code of ethics and as such none of our products are tested on animals.




I have been using Regro Shampoo and Tonic for about six weeks now. I have definitely noticed a massive difference. I don’t seem to have much hair on my pillow in the morning when I wake up and my hair feels a lot more thicker and stronger.

I have been quite concerned about hair loss recently but Regro has no doubt given me self confidence.

James Gamble  [Putney, London]


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